The University of Louisville Family Business Center at the College of Business is one of the oldest and most-respected Family Business Centers in the country. Originally established in 1993, the Center addresses a multitude of challenges faced by closely held and family firms. The member-based organization uses the capabilities and educational resources the University of Louisville, as well as established family owned businesses, professional practitioners, and a network of internationally acclaimed family business experts to provide family firms the assistance they need to grow and succeed from generation to generation.

The 2009 re-launch of the Family Business Center introduced an entirely new approach to thought leadership for established family-owned firms, including more opportunities to learn from peers, business leaders, and industry experts. The FBC’s interactive workshops, roundtables, events, consulting services, and educational forums provide FBC Members access to contemporary solutions grounded in real-world experience.

  • Our resources begin with the University of Louisville’s award-winning College of Business and key strategic partners. We provide members with top-notch talent and advice in the field of family business practice.

  • Our network of professional intermediaries includes leading accountants, attorneys and other professionals who specialize in lifestyle and business services critical to successful family firms, including wills, trusts and estates and private client law, as well as researchers, graduate MBA students, behavioral specialists, family therapists, wealth managers and most importantly, other established and successful family businesses.

  • Our members reflect a broad diversity of business operations, from a home-based business to Fortune 500 companies, including franchisee and franchisor operations.

  • Our events confront timely and relevant topics, with panels and interactive workshops made up of a mixture of expert intermediaries and their clients, to draw on real-life examples illustrated by case studies. They celebrate the outstanding legacy and leadership of family-owned firms.

Mike Sasse