How Can We Help?

The Family Business Center at UofL’s College of Business is a non-profit, membership-based organization that seeks to inform, celebrate, and strengthen family firms in the region. With over 100 active members, we represent many of the region’s strongest and most reputable family business leaders.

Over the past 15 years, we have developed a strong specialization and successful application of best practices in family business management. We have helped many businesses build a strong foundation for family business governance, continuity, strategic planning, leadership transition, and growth.


We do this through four primary offerings:


  • High-quality, interactive educational forums

  • Family business roundtables for women, next-generation sons, daughters, CEOs, and Non-Family Executives

  • Assessing your individual business needs

  • Networking and relationship building with the region’s top family-owned businesses


All of the above services are available to you and any member of your family who wishes to participate.

Membership Benefits

Given the fact that the average succession plan takes between 5 and 15 years, it is clear that family business continuity requires dedicated, long-term commitment on your part of valuable time, energy, and resources.  We encourage you to make that commitment today by becoming a member of the Family Business Center.  It is an investment in your family, your business, and your legacy.


As a member of the Family Business Center, you are entitled to:

  1. Unlimited seats on a CEO, Next Generation, Women in Family Business, or Non-family Executive Roundtable ($600 value each for free with members). Roundtables provide members the opportunity to share knowledge and practical advice in a comfortable, confidential environment led by a professional facilitator.

  2. Discounted admission to educational forums and annual events.

  3. Free "Family Business Assessment" to gauge the health of your family business relative to known best practices.

  4. The opportunity to network in exclusive environments with other owners/members of family businesses, as well as non-commercial networking with regional experts and other leading authorities on the subject of family-owned business.

  5. You and your organization are eligible to receive a 50% discount on the One-day Seminars and Certificate Programs from the UofL Delphi Center. Certificate Programs include Management Development Certificate, Professional Development Certificate, and Professional Communication Certificate. To learn more about all seminars and certificates visit:

  6. Primary access to faculty or graduate assistants from the award-winning University of Louisville College of Business MBA program. Access to our member’s only online community: My FBC including forums, videos, resources, and more!

  7.  Each Member has a complimentary subscription to the Family Business Magazine. You will receive magazines every other month and have an extensive library of Family Business online articles. 

Membership Rates

Family Business Center annual family business membership fees are based on your company’s annual gross sales:

“What every family business should ask themselves is: ‘What type of energy, time, and financial resources would l put towards something that would ensure that we are still a successful family business twenty years from now? And how important is it that all family owners are still talking to each other, and still have good loving and caring relationships with one another?’” 
Dan Rechter - Rogers Group Investments


“As business owners, we don’t always take the time to work on the business since we are so busy working in our business.  I enjoy attending the FBC seminars and events since they are laser focused to the dynamics of being a family owned and operated business.  I always leave with some new takeaways and nuggets of knowledge I can implement to better myself and the company.”

Ashley Davis - Davis Jewelers